Montmartre - Place du Tertre in Paris

Place du Tertre à Paris ©Bruni Eric

Original work: Montmartre - Place du Tertre in Paris

Technique: Oil on canvas
Size : 28.7 "  x 21.2 "

Canvas mounted on chassis with quality supervision, allowing immediate hanging of the work. The canvas is signed by the artist Bruni and comes with invoice and certificate of authenticity. Easy payment toll option of structured settlements by checks cashable monthly. Freight and insurance offered only for France


Painting Montmartre, Paris to mound Square - Bruni

There he is, a difference between a table pictured on this site and the perception I have "for real"?

The picture that you like on my site you will always appear more beautiful "for real"; all who experience it confirm. However, the perception of its size can be a problem: the dimensions are clearly indicated and to make sure they agree, you can see them in the location where you intend for the table or make a paper or cardboard template.