In the middle of the poppies

Blue Mountain ©Bruni Eric

Original Work: In the middle of the poppies
Artist: Bruni eric
Oil & acrylic technique on canvas
Size: 23.6 X 23.6 inches

Canvas mounted on frame, allowing an immediate attachment of the work.
The canvas is signed and delivered with invoice and certificate of authenticity.
Free payment facilities with the possibility of payment by installments by check, cashable monthly.
Shipping and insurance offered only for France.

Price: 1200 €

Do you know?
You can benefit from tax deductions for the purchase of a table!

Under the terms of article 238bis AB of the General Tax Code, companies buying works of living artists benefit from advantageous tax provisions.
For works of which the purchase price is less than €5000 taxes, businesses and professions can deduct the purchase price of the result of the exercise of acquisition and 4 following years by equal fractions. This benefit is granted on the condition that the works are exposed for free "accessible to the public, customers and/or employees of the company, to the exclusion of personal offices".
Build up a collection of contemporary art, beautify your waiting rooms and halls, and save money on your taxes!

N° SIRET: 528 307 408 000 13
Maison des Artistes : B336466

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A table which you please on my site will find you it always better in person; all those who experience confirms this. However, the perception of its size can be a difficulty: the dimensions are clearly indicated and to make sure they will agree, you can carry forward them on the location to which you want the table or make a template in paper or in cardboard.