Gondolas in Venice

Gondoles à Venise. ©Bruni Eric

Original Work : Gondolas in Venice
Painter Bruni Eric
Technique : Acrylic on canvas
Size : 19.7 " x 19.7 "


Artiste peintre paysagiste - Paysage de Provence II

Is there a difference between a painting photographed on this site and the perception that I will have "in real"?

A table that you like on my site will always appear more beautiful "in real"; all who experience it confirm it. However, the perception of its size can be a difficulty: the dimensions are clearly indicated and to make sure that they are suitable, you can postpone them on the place where you intend the painting or make a paper or cardboard

N° SIRET: 528 307 408 000 13
Maison des Artistes : B336466

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